25 May 2016 (Wednesday) - BBTS Email

I had an email from the BBTS today inviting submission of abstracts for the upcoming BBTS 2016 symposium.

I must admit I have absolutely no intention of going to the BBTS 2016 symposium. Perhaps I should go?

24 May 2016 (Tuesday) - IBMS Newsletter

The IBMS Newsletter arrived by email today. I’ve been rather disparaging about this in the past. Whilst there wasn’t an awful lot which was immediately relevant to me, it certainly seems to have improved over the last month or so.

I must admit to a wry smile when I looked at the forthcoming events. Time was when each hospital used to host an IBMS event at least twice every year. There used to be quite major IBMS haematology events at St Thomas’s Hospital every month.

Perhaps we might resurrect local IBMS branches…. ?

23 May 2016 (Monday) - People Manager Course

I spent today on a “people manager” course. It has been decided that managers need to be supported and offered training. I think this is an excellent idea. Had it been offered back when I  was a manager things may well have turned out differently.

Today’s course was interesting. It might have been a whole lot better had the classes attendances been planned somewhat differently. As the only non-nurse present I did feel that much of the day was wasted on me.

In retrospect I went along purely thinking the thing would be something of a skive. I actually did learn a thing or two from it. But I must admit I do find it ironic to be sent on a people manager course shortly after being refused promotion to a managerial position…

20 May 2016 (Friday) - Evidence for Everyday Allied Health

Cochrane UK is launching ‘Evidence for Everyday Allied Health’ (#EEAHP). This ongoing series aims to give Allied Health Professionals relevant evidence and resources, in quick and easy formats, though social media. They’ve called it ‘everyday’ because they will be focusing on common topics, or those that are applicable across specialities. It also acknowledges that everyday practice should be evidence-based practice!

The core of the series will be blogshots, images with brief information, often a snippet of new Cochrane evidence, shared on social media. Each series has its own blogshot design so they’re easily identifiable. You can see them on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and the Cochrane UK website, where they are available for downloading and sharing.

They will also be including blogs by and for Allied Health Professionals on the Evidently Cochrane blog, a great way to share accessible evidence summaries in context. They also plan to have occasional tweetchats, in partnership with @WeAHPs.

Here’s what they say I can do to get involved: 

  • Share news of the series, and resources you find helpful, with colleagues both online and offline
  • Engage with the series on social media, using the hashtag #EEAHP
  • Write a blog for Evidently Cochrane, or contribute to one. We welcome commentaries from practitioners to help set our evidence summaries in context
  • Suggest topics for tweetchats, join in with them or perhaps host/co-host one
  • Let us know how you use our series products and if there are ways we could make them more useful

I’ve signed up – we’ll see what comes of it…

18 May 2016 (Wednesday) - Beriplex

Today a rep gave a talk on beriplex and also the associated use of vitamin K. All rather interesting. However I feel might have learned more had the rep not been singing the praises of the local medical staff in (what I thought was) a rather shallow sucking-up.

17 May 2016 (Tuesday) - STAGO Training

I spent a day with the specialist from STAGO learning about he new coagulometer that is being installed in the lab in a few weeks time.

Basically it’s the same as the one we have already… but there are one or two new wrinkles I need to get my head around…

12 May 2016 (Thursday) - Tired

Here’s something… I find myself struggling against tiredness more and more these days. I seem to do far better when on the nights cycle of my shift. Although the hours are longer and at nights, I only do two consecutively.

Perhaps I should ask to do longer days (and less of them) routinely. Or go back to the sleep clinic….

10 May 2016 (Tuesday) - Transfusion Evidence Library Update

Your Personal Transfusion Evidence Library Update
Your access to Transfusion Evidence Library is provided by NHSBT
Publications matching your preferences
Included below are 10 of the latest 6953 evidence-based publications based on the Areas and Topics of Interests you selected.
Click on any of the links below to view the article in the Transfusion Evidence Library database. Enjoy your update!
Clinical Commentaries

9 May 2016 (Monday) - Lab Errors

Here’s something which caught my eye.  “What Everyone Should Know about Lab Tests - They aren't always correct and they aren't always useful

The article challenges the public’s conception that science is infallible… whilst it is a good review of possible errors in laboratories I read with with a definite feeling that the author had an axe to grind. I wonder if they had….

3 May 2016 (Tuesday) - IBMS Newsletter

The IBMS Newsletter came via email today. Interestingly the email format looked rather dull. I must admit I didn’t really take much notice of it. But when I clicked the “View in browser” option although it didn’t actually call up anything new, because it was laid out more concisely I suddenly realised there was actually quite a bit to be read.

I’ve been scathing about the IBMS newsletter in the past. I shall click on the “View in browser” option more often

3 May 2016 (Tuesday) - BBTS Newsletter

The BBTS newsletter came by email today. There wasn’t really much on note this time. A reminder to renew my subscription, and information for bursaries and about submitting abstracts.

Perhaps I really should be considering creating an abstract to submit…. I rather spent too long trying to renew my subscription. I’d forgotten my password and rather annoyingly kept ending up at a screen telling me that a new password had been emailed to me when one had not…

1 May 2016 (Sunday) - UKAS Email

Recently I signed up to get emails from UKAS. Today’s had all sorts of information:




Technical Bulletins

That’s quite a lot of stuff to peruse….

29 April 2016 (Friday) - NHSBT Communication

The April communication from NHSBT came today by email. There were several points of note:

For Action

1.1 Introduction of three new FFP product bar codes
1.2 Questions about blood transfusion and blood donation? We want to hear from you
1.3 An affordable and comprehensive DNA test to diagnose rare inherited diseases

 For Information

2.1 Blood Component Temperature Excursion
2.2 Customer Satisfaction
2.3 Blood Stocks Management Scheme Educational Roadshows
2.4 Extension of the post-thaw shelf life of FFP for Major Haemorrhage
2.5 HEV negative components- further information

 For Training

3.1 Training & Education Events and Courses 

Whilst the stuff about donations and DNA testing was interesting, the stuff about FFP was actually rather useful.

In the past I’ve been less than enthusiastic about this communication. This one was better than usual…

29 April 2016 (Friday) - A Survey

There has been a national initiative to garner the opinions of allied health professionals. I signed up with high hopes.
I was rather disappointed. Rather than constructive comments and suggestions there was just what I can only describe as meaningless management catch-phrases.

Such a shame. This could have been so good…

28 April 2016 (Thursday) - "Another" Leukaemia ?

Here’s an interesting case. At first sight it is another case of acute leukaemia. But it isn’t *just* another case. Discovering this early could have a massive effect on the patient’s prognosis…

28 April 2016 (Thursday) - Flow Cytometry

Our department has recently acquired an Aquios flow cytometer. I had a morning’s training on the device, and on the new techniques used for HLA-B27 testing.
It has been some time since I last got to do any flow cytometry. I really need to re-familiarise myself. More time in the department would be advantageous.

25 April 2016 (Monday) - Why We Do This


Here’s something to make you think – sometimes we might be just a little separated from the results of our efforts….