22 December 2021 (Wednesday) - BTLP-TACT Excercise

Time for my second BTLP of the month. I was presented with one case – a seventy-one year-old chap in the out-patients department requiring Group & Save prior to a splenectomy.

He grouped as AB Rh(D) Positive with an antibody screen positive in cells 2 & 3.

I requested antibody panels.
The enzyme panel and IAT panel were both negative in the first two cells and was positive in cells 3-10. This would be anti-c but doesn’t exclude anti-E, anti-Lu(a) or anti-Kp(a)

(As I’ve mentioned before, anti Lu(a) is not covered in the screening antigram.)

I got the green light…

21 December 2021 (Tuesday) - Transient Lymphocytosis

I saw two cases today in which the lymphocyte count was raised. Not massively, but had doubled in a day or so. Both were in patients who had recently been admitted to hospital.
It would seem that transient lymphocytosis related to stress has been identified as "a thing"... I'm sure I've seen this happen in the past. It is now recognised...

Transient atypical lymphocytosis in patients with emergency medical conditions

Transient stress lymphocytosis