30 May 2023 (Tuesday) - BTLP-TACT Exercise

I’ve had some messages that “Your manager has identified that you may need to complete further TACT participations to improve your engagement target with the system. Please visit TACT and log in at your earliest convenience”.
Interesting… bearing in mind that I’ve had several conversations with the chap on the matter. He assures me that my average of two a month is fine,
Still… here we go for the fourth time this month…
I was presented with one case – a patient in the haematology clinic requiring two units of blood tomorrow.
She grouped as AB Rh(D) Positive with antibody screen positive in cells 2 & 3
I requested antibody panels.
The IAT and enzyme panels were positive in cells 1, 3,4, 6 and 7 which corresponded with anti Jk(a)
I selected one unit of A Rh(D) Positive Jk(a) Negative and one unit of HT Neg O Rh(D) Positive Jk(a) Negative and got the green light…

29 May 2023 (Monday) - Transfusion Evidence Alert

The nice people at the Transfusion Evidence Alert sent their update today. As always perhaps too much to take in at once…
So I take it in smaller lumps…


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Effect of single-unit transfusion in patients treated for haematological disease including acute leukemia: a multicenter randomized controlled clinical trial.Chantepie, S.P., et al. (2023). Leukemia Research. [Record in progress].

Effect of donor sex on recipient mortality in transfusion.Chasse, M., et al. (2023). The New England Journal of Medicine. 

Emergency administration of fibrinogen concentrate for haemorrhage: systematic review and meta-analysis.Itagaki, Y., et al. (2023). World Journal of Emergency Surgery.

The impact of time to hemostatic intervention and delayed care for patients with traumatic hemorrhage: a systematic review.Lamb. T., et al. (2023). The Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery. [Record in progress].

Survival benefits of therapeutic plasma exchange in severe sepsis and septic shock: a systematic review and meta-analysis.Lee, O.P.E., et al. (2023). Journal of Intensive Care Medicine. [Record in progress].

Pre-hospital freeze-dried plasma for critical bleeding after trauma: a pilot randomized controlled trial.Mitra, B., et al. (2023). Academic Emergency Medicine. [Record in progress].

Evaluating the costs and consequences of computerized clinical decision support systems in hospitals: a scopingreview and recommendations for future practice. White, N.M., et al. (2023). Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association.

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Tranexamic acid to prevent obstetrical hemorrhage after cesarean delivery.Pacheco, L.D., et al. (2023). The New England Journal of Medicine. PICO Summary available


27 May 2023 (Saturday) - Lysosomal Storage Diseases

Mott cells? In a seven year old?
These are characteristic of lysosomal storage diseases; a group of over seventy rare inherited metabolic disorders that result from defects in lysosomal function. This came up in an article posted on one of the Facebook groups I follow.
But personally I found the entry on Wikipedia to be far more on my level…