13 June 2022 (Monday) - BTLP-TACT Exercise

It is something of a tradition that I do a BTLP-TACT exercise on the morning before I go to the night shift…

I was presented with one case – a fifteen year old young lady in intensive care with burns needing two units of blood tomorrow.
She grouped as A Rh(D) Positive with a negative antibody screen. I selected two units of A (Rh)D positive K negative blood

I got the green light.

9 June 2022 (Thursday) - Oncology Central Update

The “Oncology Central” update arrived today. In my more cynical moments I wonder why I subscribe to the medical oncology journals. Most of them go straight over my head… but one or two little snippets stick, and (as I have said before) just being aware of the latest treatment regimes is always worthwhile…


9 June 2022 (Thursday) - Ergonomics

The nice people at Lablogatory sent me a little article today. Ergonomics… I would have thought that something so basic in the workplace had long been sorted… Apparently not.

It made for a rather interesting read. Nothing new, but a refresher is always good.