21 February 2019 (Thursday) - Apixiban

Here’s an interesting article about the use of apixaban to prevent venous thromboembolism in patients with various cancers. It came to be via the Facebook BMT and Hematological Malignancy Interest Group which up to now hasn’t been that active.
Is it perking up? Let’s hope so…

20 February 2019 (Wednesday) - Oncologist Newsletter

The Oncologist” sent their most recent missive today. There was a section specifically addressing haematological stuff this time:

Steven M. Bair, Lauren E. Strelec, Tatyana A. Feldman et al.

Michele Merli, Marco Frigeni, Laurent Alric et al.

Winnie S. Liang, Jo‐Anne Vergilio, Bodour Salhia et al.

Xiao‐Dong Mo, Yu Wang, Xiao‐Hui Zhang et al.