20 May 2016 (Friday) - Evidence for Everyday Allied Health

Cochrane UK is launching ‘Evidence for Everyday Allied Health’ (#EEAHP). This ongoing series aims to give Allied Health Professionals relevant evidence and resources, in quick and easy formats, though social media. They’ve called it ‘everyday’ because they will be focusing on common topics, or those that are applicable across specialities. It also acknowledges that everyday practice should be evidence-based practice!

The core of the series will be blogshots, images with brief information, often a snippet of new Cochrane evidence, shared on social media. Each series has its own blogshot design so they’re easily identifiable. You can see them on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and the Cochrane UK website, where they are available for downloading and sharing.

They will also be including blogs by and for Allied Health Professionals on the Evidently Cochrane blog, a great way to share accessible evidence summaries in context. They also plan to have occasional tweetchats, in partnership with @WeAHPs.

Here’s what they say I can do to get involved: 

  • Share news of the series, and resources you find helpful, with colleagues both online and offline
  • Engage with the series on social media, using the hashtag #EEAHP
  • Write a blog for Evidently Cochrane, or contribute to one. We welcome commentaries from practitioners to help set our evidence summaries in context
  • Suggest topics for tweetchats, join in with them or perhaps host/co-host one
  • Let us know how you use our series products and if there are ways we could make them more useful

I’ve signed up – we’ll see what comes of it…

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