11 April 2019 (Thursday) - BTLP-TACT

Feeling absolutely washed out I deliberately activated the BTLP-TACT thingy this evening. Sometimes I might not be on top form when having to make these decisions…
It presented me with two cases.
  • 58406 – an 85 year male who was Pre TURP needing two units crossmatched for tomorrow
  • 91454 a 65 year female with AAA needing 6 units right away

So I cracked on with the lady with the AAA first. The blood group was inconclusive. The reverse group didn't match forward group and control was positive. This is *exactly* what you don’t want when you aren’t feeling full of beans, and is *exactly* what this simulator is for. As the antibody screen was negative I had no choice but to give then O Negative – I gave the 6 HT Neg units.

I then went back to the chap who was pre-TURP. He was O Pos with positive screen in cell 2. The IAT and enzyme panel were both positive in cells 3 & 5 which looks like anti-E with nothing else possibly masked. So I qave 2 units O Pos E Neg
And I got the green light. I was rather pleased about that.

11 April 2019 (Thursday) - HCPC Newsletter

The HCPC newsletter arrived in my in-box this morning. There was quite a bit of interest. I *would* like to be on the HCPC council. I was interested to hear the latest guidelines on whistleblowing.
But what most interested me was the newest guidelines on recording CPD activity… it would seem that blogging here is a perfectly acceptable way of recording my CPD.
I’m pleased about that…

11 April 2019 (Thursday) - Transfusion News email

Chagas disease, IgA deficiency, expiry of donor units… quite a bit of note in today’s update from the nice people at Transfusion News.