12 April 2018 (Thursday) - A Google Document

Here’s a link to something I saw today – an interesting haemoglobinopathy. I hope the Google document link works…

11 April 2018 (Wednesday) - Rather Obscure

When I was a lad I read in the Guinness Book of Records about a blood group which was only found in three people in the entire world.
Since then the “Bombay (Oh) phenotype” has turned up in one or two other people. At my last place of work I actually saw one such case. And the laboratory to which I occasionally get seconded has recently acquired one such patient. So I thought I might be well advised to do a little research on the matter.

11 Apreil 2018 (Wednesday) - Transfusion News Update

The nice people at “Transfusion News” sent their update today:
 Secondary Bacterial Culture for Platelets Reduces Transfusion Risk and Complies with FDA Draft Guidance for Platelet Safety

April 4, 2018
Platelets are most susceptible to bacterial contamination due to their storage conditions. In order to decrease the risk of bacterial contamination, in 2016, the FDA issued a draft guidance suggesting additional safety measures beyond a primary bacterial culture for platelets—namely pathogen reduction or secondary bacterial testing. Pathogen reduction and point-of-release [Read More]

Transfusion-Associated Circulatory Overload (TACO) Difficult to Diagnosis in Children

March 28, 2018
Transfusion-associated circulatory overload (TACO) is currently one of the leading causes of transfusion-related deaths even though it is often underdiagnosed and underreported. Diagnosing TACO can be challenging, and two sets of criteria exist for adults—one from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the other from the International [Read More]

Red, White, and Yellow! with Jeff Winters

April 9, 2018 | BBGuy Podcast
CE episode! Many in transfusion medicine don't deal with therapeutic cytapheresis (removal of white cells or platelets, and red cell exchange), but Jeff Winters LIVES it! He's got tons of practical insights for the rest of us. [Listen Now]