23 May 2022 (Monday) - BTLP-TACT Exercise

Time for another BTLP-TACT exercise. I feel rather tired after last night’s night shift and a dog walk in the rain… so what better time to do one? Anyone can expect to do well when they are on top form.
I was presented with two cases:

44195 – a nineteen year old woman in theatre requiring for units of CMV negative blood for the next day. She grouped as O Rh(D) Positive with a negative antibody screen. I selected four units of O Rh(D) Positive K Negative CMV Negative

15992 – an eighty year old woman in A&E requiring group and saveShe grouped as AB Rh(D) Positive (admittedly weak) with a negative antibody screen. The weak D would need referral to NHSBT

I got the green light

20 May 2022 (Friday) - Immcor NEO Training

I’ve just spent two days doing training on the new blood grouping analyser. The machine seems straightforward… I just hope I remember all I’ve learned when the time comes to put it all into practise…

19 May 2022 (Thursday) - XN Scattergram Plots

That Clare has done some science again. At first sight it might seem a tad simplistic, but think again. Putting the correct XN cell cloud in the right place on a scattergram… I would seriously have to think this one through… and I’d challenge anyone who would claim it was easy.