29 April 2016 (Friday) - NHSBT Communication

The April communication from NHSBT came today by email. There were several points of note:

For Action

1.1 Introduction of three new FFP product bar codes
1.2 Questions about blood transfusion and blood donation? We want to hear from you
1.3 An affordable and comprehensive DNA test to diagnose rare inherited diseases

 For Information

2.1 Blood Component Temperature Excursion
2.2 Customer Satisfaction
2.3 Blood Stocks Management Scheme Educational Roadshows
2.4 Extension of the post-thaw shelf life of FFP for Major Haemorrhage
2.5 HEV negative components- further information

 For Training

3.1 Training & Education Events and Courses 

Whilst the stuff about donations and DNA testing was interesting, the stuff about FFP was actually rather useful.

In the past I’ve been less than enthusiastic about this communication. This one was better than usual…

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