13 February 2019 (Wednesday) - Audit

The nice people at Lablogatory sent an interesting missive today. Safety audits… like all audits they are invaluable if done properly.
Are audits done properly? Sometimes. I must admit to being rather cynical about the things. Too often they can be used to whitewash or to assign blame. Independent audit is the way forward.
But that costs…

12 February 2019 (Tuesday) - IBMS Newsletter

The IBMS newsletter arrived in my in-box this morning. I was immediately irritated when I read about nominations being sought for “Champion of Biomedical Science”. The simple act of declaring that there is such a position of “Champion of Biomedical Science” automatically means us mere mortals are immediately second-rate.

There was also talk of the IBMS congress… I’ve never been, and from what I’ve heard I don’t intend to go.

There was talk of people being nominated for awards and winning prizes… there was very little that was really relevant to me or made for good CPD this time.
Such a shame…

12 February 2019 (Tuesday) - After the Red Alert

Yesterday we had a code red (bleeding emergency) during which “activated Factor VII” was mentioned. I was a tad vague on the subject, so I looked it up.
Dangerous stuff… there’s some useful links about the stuff here:

I also refreshed my knowledge of Tranexamic acid - a plasminogen inhibitor