30 July 2020 (Thursday) - IBMS Update

The IBMS sent their monthly newsletter today. Some of it was interesting, some not so. But I was interested to red about the Fiix test – the latest development in the INR

22 July 2020 (Wednesday) - Transfusion Evidence Update

The nice people at the transfusion Evidence Alert sent their update today. It was heavily biased toward COVID-19 (i.e. didn’t mention anything else) but then this is the world we live in these days.


International Survey of Trials of Convalescent Plasma to Treat COVID-19 Infection
Murphy, M. F. Estcourt L. Grant-Casey J. Dzik S. (2020). Transfusion Medicine Reviews
Full text

Venous thromboembolism in COVID-19: systematic review of reported risks and current guidelines
Fontana, P., Casini, A., Robert-Ebadi, H., Glauser, F., Righini, M. and Blondon, M. (2020).
Swiss Med Wkly

Characteristics and serological patterns of COVID-19 convalescent plasma donors: optimal donors and timing of donation
Li, L., Tong, X., Chen, H., He, R., Lv, Q., Yang, R., Zhao, L., Wang, J., Xu, H., Liu, C., Chen, G., Chen, S., Li, C., Qiao, J., Yang, J., Wu, Y. and Liu, Z. (2020).

Convalescent plasma or hyperimmune immunoglobulin for people with COVID-19: a living systematic review
Piechotta, V., Chai, K. L., Valk, S. J., Doree, C., Monsef, I., Wood, E. M., Lamikanra, A., Kimber, C., McQuilten, Z., So-Osman, C., Estcourt, L. J. and Skoetz, N. (2020).
Cochrane Database Syst Rev


Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on supply and use of blood for transfusion
Stanworth, S. J., New, H. V., Apelseth, T. O., Brunskill, S., Cardigan, R., Doree, C., Germain, M., Goldman, M., Massey, E., Prati, D., Shehata, N., So-Osman, C. and Thachil, J. (2020).
Lancet Haematology

21 July 2020 (Tuesday) - Mott Cells

Sometimes the posts from Lablogatory are useful, helpful and informative. Other times they are hopelessly out-of-touch.
Today’s offering
was about Mott cells and was actually well worth reading.