20 August 2018 (Monday) - BTLP - TACT

I did a BTLP TACT excercise tonight after work. It is my intention to do one a week. In tonight's excercise there were two patients. Both obstetric. One pre LSCS, one with rupture of membranes. One was B Pos with no antibodies detected, one AB Neg with no antibidies detected. Neither required blood to be prepared.
I couldn't help but wonder what I'd missed, but I got it all right...

20 August 2018 (Monday) - Red Cell Inclusions

Here’s a rather good article outlining the differences between various red cell inclusions.
I might have a look through my archives and devise something simular.

20 August 2018 (MOnday) - National Blood Clot Alliance

I’ve signed up to the mailing list of the National Blood Clot Alliance. I;ve signed up to a *lot* of things. Some work for me; most don’t. I wonder how this one will pan out…

20 August 2018 (Monday) - Podcasts

Here’s something which could potentially be useful – a site of podcasts about things haematological.
I’ve not watched any yet but intend to soon…