27 June 2023 (Tuesday) - BTLP-TACT Exercise(s)

Time for another BTLP-TACT exercise.
I had one case – an eighty-six year old woman in the out patients department who was tire all the time.
However the demographics on the sample label didn’t match the request. Not a single data item agreed. I rejected it.
So I had another go…a thirty-three year old woman in the out patients department requiring group and save for antenatal bleeding.
She grouped as O Rh(D) Positive with a negative antibody screen
Two green lights… Go me!!

26 June 2023 (Monday) - Transfusion News Update


The nice people at Transfusion News sent their update today. Again tranexamic acid appears. And the article on alloimmunization was thought-provoking. Why do some people create antibodies after a single transfusion and others have (literally) gallons and create none?
Long-term Survival of Severe Trauma Patients Treated with Tranexamic Acid
Transfusion News Image 1
June 21, 2023
Globally, trauma is the leading cause of death for young people. In 2011, the World Health Organization added tranexamic acid to the Model List of Essential Medicines for the treatment of trauma based on randomized trial data showing that tranexamic acid reduces mortality of hemorrhaging trauma patients. [Read More]

Register for the new Transfusion Science Webinar to learn about Phenotype/Genotype Discrepancies, Their Cause, Importance, and Safe Resolution
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Hemagglutination methods have been used over a century to determine blood group phenotypes. Serology cannot be used in some situations, leading laboratories to use molecular assays to predict red blood cell (RBC) phenotypes. Sometimes the predicted phenotype does not fit with the patient’s known antibodies or serological phenotype. These phenotype/genotype discrepancies can lead to confusion for laboratory and clinical staff. This can cause anxiety, delays in patient care, or even incorrect conclusions and inappropriate clinical advice and patient care. Shane Grimsley (DipRCPath) will explore some common discrepancies, detailing their causes and how to safely investigate them. This information will provide clues for resolving these issues and ensuring timely and accurate patient care. Join us on June 27th and 30th by registering for this webinar. [Register Now] PACE Eligible for 1.5 contact hoursTransfusion News Image 1
Intracellular RBC Antigens Can Enhance RBC Alloimmunization in Mice
Transfusion News Image 1
June 14, 2023
RBC alloimmunization from transfusions or pregnancy can be life threatening. Currently, scientists have identified 43 polymorphic RBC surface antigen systems, and some are more immunogenic than others. Furthermore, there is a poor understanding of why most patients do not develop alloantibodies and why others respond to one or several antigens. [Read More]

25 June 2023 (Sunday) - Transfusion Evidence Alert update


The nice people at Transfusion Evidence Alert sent their update today. I can’t pretend to have done more than quickly skimmed it as there was so much, but some of it has stuck. Interestingly the phrase “cost effective” appeared several times…


Cost-effectiveness of cell salvage in trauma blood transfusions.Beeton, G., et al. (2023). The American Surgeon. [Record in progress].

Systematic review highlights high risk of bias of clinical prediction models for blood transfusion in patients undergoing elective surgery.Dhiman, P., et al. (2023). Journal of Clinical Epidemiology. [Record in progress]. 

Prehospital tranexamic acid is associated with a dose-dependent decrease in syndecan-1 after trauma: A secondary analysis of a prospective randomized trial.Gruen, D.S., et al. (2023). The Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery. [Record in progress].Convalescent plasma for people with COVID-19: a living systematic review.Iannizzi, C., et al. (2023). The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews.

Prophylactic epinephrine attenuates severe bleeding in lung transplantation patients undergoing transbronchial lung biopsy: Results of the PROPHET randomized trial.Kalchiem-Dekel, O., et al. (2023). The Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation. [Record in progress].

Efficacy of plasmapheresis in neutropenic patients suffering from cytokine storm because of severe COVID-19 infection.Sadeghi, A., et al. (2023). Blood Research. [Record in progress].

Platelet transfusion before CVC placement in patients with thrombocytopenia.Van Baarle, F.L.F., et al. (2023). The New England Journal of Medicine.

Cost-effectiveness of thrombopoietin mimetics in patients with thrombocytopenia: a systematic review.Van Remoortel, H., et al. (2023). PharmacoEconomics. [Record in progress].

Efficacy of eltrombopag with immunosuppressive therapy versus immunosuppressive therapy alone on severe aplastic anaemia: a systematic review and meta-analysis.Zhang, S., et al. (2023). Clinical Drug Investigation.


Randomized trial of early detection and treatment of postpartum hemorrhage.Gallos, I., et al. (2023). The New England Journal of Medicine. [Record in progress].PICO Summary available