28 March 2024 (Thursday) - Transfusion Evidence Alert Update

The Transfusion Evidence Alert arrived in my in-box today. I keep saying it, but tranexamic acid… Even more mentions of the stuff.


Effectiveness of care bundles for prevention and treatment of postpartum hemorrhage: a systematic review.
Vogel, J. P., et al. (2024). American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. [Record in progress]
PICO Summary available



Full correction of posttransplant anemia is associated with stabilized cardiac dimensions among kidney transplant recipients: a prospective randomized controlled trial.
Al-Otaibi, T., et al. (2024). Experimental and Clinical Transplantation.

Intravenous immunoglobulin for chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy.
Bus, S.R., et al. (2024). The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews.

Missingness matters: a secondary analysis of thromboelastography measurements from a recent prehospital randomized tranexamic acid clinical trial.
Donohue, J.K., et al. (2024). Trauma Surgery & Acute Care Open.

Alveolar hemorrhage in ANCA-associated vasculitis: results of an international, randomized, controlled trial (PEXIVAS).
Fussner, L.A., et al. (2024). American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. [Record in progress]

Reporting bias is highly prevalent in systematic reviews and meta-analyses of platelet rich plasma injections for hip osteoarthritis.
Kim, D., et al. (2024). Arthroscopy, Sports Medicine, and Rehabilitation.

Results of clinical effectiveness of conventional versus Mirasol-treated Apheresis Platelets in Patients with Hypoproliferative Thrombocytopenia (MiPLATE) trial.
Koepsell, S.A., et al. (2024). Transfusion.

Kidney disease in trials of perioperative tranexamic acid. Liu, C.W., et al. (2024). Journal of Clinical Anesthesia.

Evaluation of spin bias in systematic reviews and meta-analyses of rotator cuff repair with platelet-rich plasma.
Moulton, S.G., et al. (2024). The American Journal of Sports Medicine. [Record in progress]

Mitapivat improves ineffective erythropoiesis and iron overload in adult patients with pyruvate kinase deficiency. van Beers, E.J., et al. (2024). Blood Advances. [Record in progress]

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