1 April 2024 (Monday) - BTLP-TACT Issues (Again!)

Time for another BTLP-TACT exercise. I was presented with two cases:

23693 – a sixty-one year-old woman in A&E needing group & save. She grouped as O Rh(D) Positive with antibody screen positive in cells 2 & 3.

I requested antibody panels. The IAT and enzyme panels were negative in cells 1 and two and positive in all others (cells 3 – 10) which was consistent with anti-c but did not rule out anti-E, anti-Lu(a) or anti-Kp(a). This would go to NHSBT for further investigations 

66242 – a twenty-two year-old chap on the surgical ward needing two units of blood to treat anaemia. He grouped as A Rh(D) Negative with a negative antibody screen.

I selected two units of A Rh(D) Negative blood

I got the thumbs down. Supposedly the blood group of 66242 was uninterpretable. I disagree. It was fine. I can’t help but wonder why the software doesn’t show us pictures of that which we supposedly got wrong. Do I *really* need to be taking screen shots of everything?

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