22 September 2018 (Saturday) - Focus !!

I get my CPD material from a range of sources. I read up and do things and get emails and see things on Facebook and make a note of what I’ve done, and periodically I st down and have a little session when I write it all up.
I had one of those sessions today. When I sparked up my lap-top I had sixty-six potential “things” to write up from the last three weeks. I only bothered with sixteen of them. Fifty potential CPD activities weren’t worth mentioning. That’s a *lot* that didn’t make the grade. They included:

  • Several emails from the American Society of Hematology which were really far too clinically-orientated for me
  • An article about myeloproliferative disease in China which said a lot without saying anything
  • A couple of “Informed” newsletters from NHS England which weren’t really at all relevant to me
  • Several posts from the Hanzo educational blog which might as well have been written in Greek for all the sense they made to me
  • Several posts from the people at Lablogatory which were fine if you work in a manager’s office
  • Newsletters from the bioanalysis zone which do not apply to me
  • Quite a few posts from various Facebook groups that were realistically little more than gossip

 I spent (wasted) quite a bit of time this evening weeding out the activities from which I didn’t actually get any benefit whatsoever.
I *really* need to be a bit more focussed in my CPD-ing.

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