25 July 2017 (Tuesday) - Outstanding?

Following the success of the inaugural Our Health Heroes Awards in November 2016, the celebration of our healthcare workforce is back for 2017.
This year, we’re going bigger and better and want to recognise the hard work of even more of our nation’s Healthcare Heroes; whether they are support workers, apprentices, integrated teams or workforce planners we don’t want their work to go unnoticed.
We will be searching for teams and individuals that go above and beyond the call of duty, are creative and innovative in their roles and deserve a big thank you.
If you know someone that fits the bill, nominate them to get the recognition they deserve.

I have an issue with this sort of thing. In singling out one person or one team for recognition for their efforts one automatically (if unwittingly) belittles the effort of everyone else.
I wish people wouldn’t look to reward “outstanding individuals”; they just undermine the morale of everyone else.

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