28 November 2016 (Monday) - NEQAS blood films

The results of NEQAS morphology survey 1607BF came in today.

1607 BF1

I noted

·         Eosinophilia
·         Atypical Mononuclears
·         myelocytes
·         Platelet clumps

I felt this was ?MDS/leukoerythroblastic. The correct answer was CMML which is in the classification of MDS by the WHO, so I got that right

1607 BF2

I noted

·         Atypical lymphocytosis
·         Atypical Mononuclears
·         Thromboctyopenia

I felt this was glandular fever… possibly a lymphoma.. The correct answer was in fact glandular fever; I’m pleased with that.

1604 PA1

I noted blood borne worms. I thought they were Wucheria Bancrofti. Apparently they were loa loa. I remain unconvinced, but I am no expert on blood bourme worms. How often do we see them?

1604 PA2

I didn’t see anything in this film and this was the correct answer

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