28 November 2016 (Monday) - HCPC Newsletter

Issue 66 of the HCPC’s “In Focus” magazine arrived in my in-box this morning. It had all sorts of interesting things including:
  • ·         Focus on the Fitness to practise annual report 2016
  • ·         Final call for renewals – Social workers in England and Operating department practitioners
  • ·         Have you used our app?
  • ·         Upcoming partner recruitment
  • ·         Update on the Children and Social Work Bill
  • ·         Policy update
  • ·         HCPC events summary
  • ·         Data protection in practice

I must admit I skimmed most of it; focussing on the Fitness to practise annual report. It is no secret I have a personal interest in this. About one in two hundred of us have a complaint made against us. And when it happens years of exemplary service are disregarded…. I find myself having great difficulty to consider Fitness to practise hearings with any degree of objectivity.
I hope none of my colleagues ever find themselves in such a hearing facing trained lawyers who delight in what they see as word games whilst journalists look on hoping for scandal and gossip…

Whilst the public need to have confidence in the health care professionals there needs to be a better way of policing those health care professionals. The current way leaves scars…

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