16 June 2016 (Thursday) - Euro 2016 ?

I was rather amazed/surprised/shocked… I can’t really describe what I felt when I got an email from the boss. It was all about the Euro 2016 survival guide. With absolutely no interest in football whatsoever I just ignored it. Other colleagues who are into football leapt on to it, and on opening it and finding it wasn’t about football they deleted it whilst grumbling about having been tricked into wasting their time.
The link was actually all about men’s health. It compared the chances of contracting various illnesses with the chances of various teams winning the current Euro 20156 football competition, and then had some advice for a healthy lifestyle.

It is a shame that a rather useful source of information relevant to me and many other men has effectively missed its target audience. I wonder how many other potentially useful sources of information I have mistakenly dismissed out of hand…

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