3 August 2011 (Wednesday) - You-Tube

One of my trainees found this video on You-Tube. First of all I thought it was a brilliant idea: it could be submitted as evidence for all sorts of sections of either the pre-registration or the specialist portfolio. And then I actually watched the video. 

Do my colleagues down the coast not wear rubber gloves?
Do they not fasten their laboratory coats?
Do they even have a clue what they are doing?

I feel that were this video actually offered to me as evidence for a portfolio assessment I would have to ask that last question when confronted with utterances such as “Donor blood is mixed with patient serum to determine blood group”. And I would have to ask what a “haemoglobin count” is.

I know I’m old-fashioned, but if I was going to be putting my laboratory on show to the world, I really would have tidied the place up first. If my analysers really had to be festooned with post-it notes and various scraps of paper, I would (at the very least) have made sure that they were new (and not dog-eared) post-it notes and various scraps of paper. Were there any white coats not in use I would have hung them up on a coat hook and not had them hanging off the back of a chair.
(And if one is going to wear a tie, one should do the thing up, and fasten one’s shirt collar)

To think I recently near-crucified a trainee for posting a photo he’d taken in the lab up on the internet: a photo which pales into insignificance against this lot…..

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