1 August 2011 (Monday) - QC Again...

Here’s an interesting dilemma. One of my IQA blood count parameters (the top one pictured above) has a bias. The results are clearly within the range of acceptability, but they are not bouncing about the expected mean – they are ever so slightly low. About two per cent low, which in practical terms is utterly insignificant, but in real terms worries me – I want to be having results on the mean, not below, no matter how slightly below.
However the weekly EQA (the lower one pictured above) is absolutely spot-on.

Should I tweak up the calibration to fix the IQA, thus forcing the EQA to be high? Should I leave it alone (bearing in mind the deviation isn’t actually significant)?

What I actually did was to increase the calibration very slightly. The IQA is still slightly biased (but not as much), and I shall see what the EQA has done when it’s EQA day next week.

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