5 July 2011 (Tuesday) - Thrombocythaemia

DOB  04/03/1974 Sex F Pat No 996655  Source    GP
Address   HOUSE                      Clinician KILDARE
Specimen No : AW260451P    (Haematology)          

  Platelets      1228           10^9/l       (   150 to 400   ) Auth
  Potassium      5.6            mmol/L       (   3.5 to 5.3   ) Auth
  Serum Folate   1.9            ug/L         (   4.8 to 19.0  ) Auth

There are several causes of a high platelet count. However this is a case of essential thrombocythaemia. A primary condition as evidenced by the low folate indicative of the high cell turnover in a proliferative condition.

Also the potassium is raised, - this pseudohyperkalaemia is artefactual and is a feature of many haematological proliferations in which potassium leaks from the cells on storage. Potassium levels on fresh samples are normal.

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