8 June 2011 (Wednesday) - CPD Seminars

No lunchtime seminar today – we’ve reached the end of the program for this academic year. This is the fourth year I’ve organised a program of CPD talks, and on reflection it’s been a success. We’ve had over thirty talks covering subjects as diverse as modernising scientific careers, glandular fever, cardiolipins and meningitis. We’ve had case presentations, and speakers have ranged from health care assistants to consultant physicians. This year’s sessions have been far better than last year’s which I gave up with after three months.

We’ve increased the popularity of the seminars amongst the staff by securing permission for staff to eat in the seminar room. However, for all that this was touted as a major reason why people did not attend seminars last year; so far I’ve yet to see anyone actually eat their lunch during a seminar.
We still have the problem that the laptop we use is old, and cannot use .pptx files, and that we cannot access the internet during seminars. But so far these have not been insuperable problems.
I produce certificates for all attendees: I’m not sure that people find these useful. I might review that for the next series of talks.

I’ve got some speakers for the next round of talks I’m planning for September. If only I could persuade everyone in the workplace to do a talk, we’d only have to do one each every two or three years….

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