April 12, 2011 (Tuesday) - Pre-Reg Portfolio Section 3a.3

When I verify pre registration portfolios I am usually rather unimpressed with the health & safety aspects of the portfolios that I assess. Being the last standard in the portfolio it’s plain that by the time people have come to address that standard, they are heartily fed up with the whole portfolio idea.
Which is a shame because by the time students come to address the last standard they have probably already provided plenty of evidence for that standard in the work they have done - without realising that they have done so.

I’ve added a section to my website of advice for the pre-registration portfolio specifically for the Health & Safety section. Hopefully just one A4 sheet listing the other evidences where H&S matters are covered will provide adequate evidence for section 3a.3.
I’ve suggested to two of my students that they try this approach. Let’s see if it works….

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  1. Did it work? I'm about to start section 3 so would love to know! :)