February 24 2011 (Thursday) - Making Medical Lab Quality Relevant: Preparing for ISO inspection

Making Medical Lab Quality Relevant: Preparing for ISO inspection: "It is commonly said that when your quality management system is in place it doesn’t matter when the assessment visit occurs because you ar..."

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I got rather angry when I read part of it:

"Not to be too over the top, medical laboratories have a long history and tradition of not taking quality management too seriously"....

(takes a deep breath...)

"Quality Management" is a concept which has lost its way. A good idea in theory, in practice it is too often seen to be all about making sure trivial paperwork is completed in the right colour ink.

Were those who tout the "Quality Management" honest with me and called the thing "trivial paperwork" then I would at least respect them, and possibly take the subject more seriously. But from my thirty years of experience in medical laboratories, "Quality Management" is something that gets in the way of providing high quality blood test results.

It should not be that way. Would that "Quality Management" actually benefited me professionally, rather than hindered me...

(Going to lie down now!!)

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