February 18 2011 (Friday) - On-Line Morphology

Sometimes I worry about my ability as a morphologist. I take part in the NEQAS scheme when we get blood films every so often, and I assume I’m doing OK with the scheme. NEQAS also offer a program where one signs up on an individual basis, gets blood images electronically, and gets individual feedback. I’ve been promised that I’ll get enrolled on that scheme for years, but nothing’s ever happened.

Recently I heard about the e-MEDICINimage scheme, and I’ve signed up. I’ve been given an on-line atlas of haematology together with various case studies, and periodically I’ll be emailed a test which I have a go at, submit my results, and get personal feedback from the organisers.

As a beta-tester for the UK website, my first year is free: thereafter it’s about £150 (ish) per year. I shall see how the scheme pans out and if it’s good I shall see if I can recoup the cost from work next year

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