21 March 2024 (Thursday) - Oncology Central Update

I’ve been whinging a lot this week… The nice people at Oncology Central sent their update today. I can’t pretend that this stuff is directly relevant to me, but it is excellent background reading. I feel I can claim this is actual CPD, whereas the last two entries I put up as examples of failed attempts at CPD…

Can AI reveal real-time insights into glioblastoma disease progression?

Read about an innovative approach to trace glioblastoma tumors in large MRI datasets using machine learning and how it could enable real-time insights into disease progression in our latest interview feature.


Design of a single-center, Phase II trial to explore the efficacy and safety of ‘R-ISV-RO’ treatment in advanced tumors

The authors designed a single-center, single-arm, open-label, exploratory, Phase II clinical trial to evaluate efficacy and safety in patients with advanced solid tumors (intervention: ‘R-ISV-RO’ plus anti-PD-1 monoclonal antibody).

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Clinical outcomes for previously treated patients with advanced biliary tract cancer: a meta-analysis

A synthesis of evidence from clinical studies indicates the need for more effective therapies for advanced biliary tract cancer patients whose disease progressed on prior therapy.

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Evaluating relugolix for the treatment of prostate cancer in real-world settings of care: the OPTYX study protocol

The OPTYX study aims to generate evidence on ORGOVYX's safety and effectiveness in prostate cancer patients in routine care, including treatment course and post-treatment clinical outcomes.

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