3 February 2024 (Saturday) - More Quality Management

Having identified a problem... is it really a problem? Was there an error that came to light? Has there been a complaint? Or is there something in the workplace that could be changed easily and that would be used to tick a quality management box?
Having identified a real (as opposed to imagined or made up for a paperwork exercise) problem, is this one that can be readily rectified? And exactly how can we be sure that what changes we make actually eliminate or reduce the percieved problem?

An example was given from a well-known manucaturer of office equipment who felt they were paying far too much in transport costs when getting stuff in from their suppliers. At the end of the process they cut a list of three thousand suppliers down to three hundred; thereby eliminating the transport and administration costs of dealing with two thousand seven hundred companies. 

Suddenly quality management is all making sense.

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