8 November 2023 (Wednesday) - Safety

The nice people at Lablogatory sent an update on safety today. You can read it by clicking here.
I won’t lie; my initial reaction was “pah – safety…” and to reach for the “delete” button.
But safety is incredibly important. As semi-retirement looms I find myself thinking about the (so-called) good old days.

When I first started in lab work there were ash trays by the microscopes, we sharpened pencils with scalpel blades (on regularly seeing people cut themselves I bought myself a pencil sharpener!), and I can distinctly recall a meeting with the senior chief MLSO (as we were called back then) in which he said he couldn’t advise me not to join the pension scheme, but said that he would make the observation that the average age of death of people in our line of work was fifty-seven, and that they often died from stuff they caught in the lab.

Safety *is* important.

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