11 November 2023 (Saturday) - IBMS Update

I don’t want to appear negative, but I can remember one of the lecturers at Bromley College of Technology having a rant in 1983 in which he was listing the many failings of the IBMS. The crux of his rant was that the IBMS has lost its way.
Maybe the IBS has now found it? The IBMS has published its second Public Affairs Newsletter in which it lists how it has been trying to interact with various politicians and make a plan for the future of hospital laboratories. Whether or not it is the right plan is arguable; but a plan is definitely needed. Is the IBMS back on course. I don’t know, but someone has to plan, and (in theory) who better than the IBMS.
Having said that, the IBMS does seem to have lost sight of its motto “disce ut proficas”…


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