21 March 2022 (Monday) - Vitamin B12 & Folate

Here’s an interesting case.

P1234567  Smiff Filip  1-4-80 

 Date\Time     Specimen          SB12        SFOL

 261121 1037 H,21.7367527.H       210         7.8 (+/-)

 210122 1044 H,22.7416214.F       192         6.2 ( L )

 210322 12=> R,22.3156450.X      <111 ( L )  53.2

The physiological interactions between vitamin B12 and folic acid are rather complicated. There’s a good review of the subject here, but this case sums up the matter rather well, doesn’t it?

A patient who was clearly folate deficient was given treatment to correct the deficiency. And the metabolic processes which corrected that deficiency depleted the body’s stores of vitamin B12.

Hardly earth-shattering stuff, but a nice little example which I thought I might share


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