21 August 2021 (Saturday) - Social Media

There was a question asked on the Facebook “Blood Bank Professionals Group” today. The question was about whether or not two blood groups should be obtained on a patient before issuing anti-D, but that is immaterial. One person in the discussion wrote “With the turnover and incompetence we have in our admissions department, I do not trust them to admit the patient to the right medical record number”. In response to that I did type the question “are some people stupid?”, but realised that I didn’t need to post that question. Some people demonstrably are.

Last year I saw the aftermath of something similar on another Facebook group. Someone had posted something equally damning about their workplace in a public discussion. One of her colleagues saw it, reported it to management, and the woman was out of a job by the end of the week.
In a previous job I once got a written warning for saying that I was tired on a night shift.

It took me less than one minute on Google to find that there were precious few hospitals anywhere near where the author of this comment lives. I’m sure her manager would be horrified to see this in print.

Dear readers – be *extremely* thoughtful about what you post to social media.

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