31 March 2021 (Wednesday) - ASH Update

The American Society of Hematology sent their update today. All rather clinical, but all useful background reading…


Scientists Say LentiGlobin Not Linked to Cancer
Preliminary data linking the gene therapy to development of acute myeloid leukemia and myelodysplastic syndromes have not held up.
Fewer Patients Screened for or Diagnosed With Cancer Amid Pandemic
Lockdowns, economic hardship, and anxiety over contracting COVID have contributed to many Americans skipping or delaying regular checkups and recommended cancer screenings over the last year.
FDA to Reevaluate Six Accelerated Approvals of Cancer Treatments
The agency has announced it will hold a public meeting of its Oncologic Drugs Advisory Committee to review six cancer drugs that have failed to verify clinical benefit in confirmatory trials after receiving accelerated approval.


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