28 November 2020 (Saturday) - IBMS Journal Based Learning


Yesterday I saw that a colleague was doing an IBMS Journal based learning exercise. I’ve always been sceptical about these in the past, but I thought I’d have a go at one to see if my scepticism was still justified.
I think it is.

I subscribe to a *lot* of mailing lists and I get a *lot* of journals sent to me. I mention many of them on here. I don’t read every word of every one of them, but I skim the abstracts, and something sticks.

With the IBMS journal-based learning excercise I was presented with the title of an article and twenty “true or false” questions about it.

For each question I just searched the article for the salient phrase to determine the veracity. Copy and paste and control-F did the hard work, and I scored full marks without actually learning very much.

But it is the IBMS who will assess the validity of my CPD, so perhaps I had better start doing a few more of these…

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