5 May 2020 (Tuesday) - Du? (He chuckled..)

Here’s something I might have touched on before. Weak-D and partial-D. What’s the difference, can I tell, and does it matter?

Today there was a presentation made available on the Facebook Immunohematology Reference Laboratory Page.
I particularly liked the bit “it is important that transfusionists do not interpret recently reported findings, or any change in nomenclature, as requiring a change in transfusion practice, as there is no evidence (at least in the UK) that current practice is failing patients”. Bearing in mind that when I was a lad we would “just do a Coombs test on the albumin and call it a Du”, things have changed massively in the intervening years. Advice and practice change rapidly in the transfusion world. I’m glad that (at least in this respect) I’m doing the right thing.

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