14 May 2019 (Tuesday) - NBCA Newsletter

The National Blood Clot Alliance sent their monthly update today. It was of peripheral interest (at best).

I’ve been discussing CPD with colleagues recently. For some reason I seem to be viewed as something of an expert on the subject. I’m not – I’ve just subscribed to pretty much every e-journal and mailing list and Facebook group I can find in the desperate hope that I might learn the odd thing or two. It’s no secret that much of what I come up with is of no relevance whatsoever. I think it’s probably fair to say that for every individual thing I find that warrants mention in this blog, there’s half a dozen that go straight in the bin.

I think that I might unsubscribe from the updates from the National Blood Clot Alliance. No disrespect intended to them, but I am *not* their target audience.

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