12 October 2018 (Friday) - BTLP Frustrations

In one of my favourite episodes of “South Park”, the anti-hero Eric Cartman is approached by a camp counsellor…

     Rick: “Hello Cartman, how are you today?”
     Cartman: “Well I'm pissed off Rick, how are you?

I feel just like Eric right now. I’ve just done a BTLP TACT exercise. I am *not* happy with it. To be precise, it was an interesting scenario. I did *exactly* the right things given the limitations of the software, but it has wound me up because

  • Finding myself presented with an indeterminate Rh group on a patient supposedly going for stem cell transplant there was no opportunity to review the history.
  • Given an antibody (anti-Fyb) there was not sufficient units to meet the request.
  • And to add insult to injury the thing told me I’d put the ABO group as indeterminate which I did not !!!

This isn’t the first problem I’ve had with it. Recently I watched a colleague also have similar problems. Am I to be judged by this….

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