16 June 2018 (Saturday) - On-Line Atlas

One of my (many) on-line projects is an unashamed attempt to create the ultimate and definitive on-line Atlas of Haematology; an atlas so immensely impressive that all others will pale into insignificance when compared with it…
Is that *such* an ambition?

About eight years ago I made a start on one, and rather forgot all about it. You can see it by clicking here. There’s no denying that it has still got a little way to go before being heralded as the ultimate and definitive on-line Atlas of Haematology, but it is a start…

This week we had two interesting cases in work; a new case of AML, and a hypochromic microcytic anaemia with basophilic stippling.
I’ve added those two cases onto this atlas.

Seriously though… is this atlas worth continuing?
On the one hand there are endless case studies on-line which are presented far better.
On the other hand these are cases that *I*  have personally experienced.

I’ll look to beefing the atlas up a little…

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