22 march 2018 (Thursday) - HCPC Newsletter

The HCPC newsletter came into my inbox this morning. You can read it here. This newsletter touched a nerve… “In this month’s issue we focus on the importance of being open and honest when things go wrong in the care or treatment of service users and flag how discussing mistakes should form a key part of any health and care professional’s practice.

Mistakes *do* happen. No one can pretend they do not. But after the immediate aftermath is dealt with, management has a choice.
On the one hand the error can be seen as an opportunity from which managers and practitioners can learn, and from which evidence can be garnered to improve the quality of the service provided.
On the other hand, the failures of the service which the incident highlighted can be ignored whilst the error is used as a weapon with which management can perform a character assassination on the one who slipped up.

It is a brave person who will speak up when they have slipped up and take the chance that the management will take the first choice and not the second. Perhaps this is a subject to which I am still too close?
Yes… seven years later and I am still *very* bitter…

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