14 October 2017 (Saturday) - Anti-D (?)

Here’s an interesting case I found on one of the Facebook work-related groups I follow…

Hey, guys! We have a patient at work who is a real mystery and was hoping someone could point us in the right direction or give some insight.

He's an oncology patient that we've been seeing for about a year now. He's given regular transfusions about once a week. He is A neg, and we always give him A or O neg units. Last week his screen finally popped up positive but after rule outs and everything, it seems like an obvious anti-D. However, we've never given him anything RH positive, no platelets or anything. He's only ever received red blood cells from us.

He's not on IVIG, and has not been to another hospital in recent times. We've tested the previous blood units transfused on him and they're weak D negative. His sample is pretty unique with mix field from his previous O transfusions so we're pretty confident that his samples are his. We've had three separate samples since then and all screens are positive.

We thought he maybe went to an ER somewhere and was transfused platelets since his platelet count was low and was given RhIG or something but he denies going anywhere else.

Any idea where he got the Anti-D from? Let me know if you have any questions or more information.

The chap’s only ever had D-negative blood… where has the anti-D come from?
Has he *really* only ever had D-negative blood?
My father recently found out he was given a blood transfusion during is his surgery of last year whilst he was unconscious…

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