27 January 2017 (Friday) - ACL TOP 500

This week I’ve been learning how to use the ACL TOP500 coagulometer; it is very different to what I’ve been used to over the last ten years. At first sight I found the device rather daunting but I was surprised how quickly I got to grips with it. Using optical clot detection (rather than magnetic ball-wobbling) I’ve been looking at clotting curves and derivative curves. And in a few short days I’ve gone from complete novice to being able to set the analyser up, run QC and samples and even perform (limited) troubleshooting.

I’ve had a tutorial on the device and even passed a little test featuring some case studies.

I like the machine; having given the matter some thought (in my opinion) the device is far superior to what I have been used to. The analyser is *fast*, the software is logical and easy to follow, and isn’t constantly losing communication with the laboratory’s host computer.

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