9 December 2016 (Friday) - Discussion Forum

One of the Facebook groups I follow was advertising a link to the MHRA’s website this morning. They’ve set up a discussion forumas a tool to help those involved in blood component collection, processing, testing and distribution to comply with the EU Blood Directives, UK Statutory Instruments and good practice requirements. It provides the ideal opportunity for extended communication between peers and allows users to put forward their comments and get “real-life” examples of ways in which they can manage robust quality procedures that ensure compliance and which dovetail with their own business needs and resources

Having signed up and had a look I was immediately put off by someone posting under the name of “Transfusion Guru”.
It hasd been my experience that informative websites are useful, but discussion forums are (usually) little more than on-line arguments. Hopefully this website might be a useful resource but my hopes aren’t high.

Mind you I shall give it a chance before dismissing it out of hand…

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