6 December 2016 (Tuesday) - Art ?

I read an interesting article in one of the Facebook science groups I follow this morning. You can read it by clicking here

Basically Science Gallery London in conjunction with Science Gallery Melbourne have opened calls for submissions for a new international art exhibition called ‘BLOOD’.  Themes for installations include blood-borne medical conditions, genetics, blood testing and blood doping for sport. They’re interested in proposals addressing or exploring some of the following themes and topics:

  • Taboo – surrounding menstruation, ritual behaviour or activities involving blood, food created from blood
  • Stigma – associated with living with blood borne viruses such as HIV, or other genetic conditions affecting blood.
  • Giving – donating blood to strangers, placenta donation, the connection between a mother and foetus
  • Identity – blood type, associations with racial identity, mixed race, family, chimeras, human/animal hybrids, and eugenics
  • Health – diseases of the blood, immunity. Blood testing and the future of blood based testing etc.
  • Sport – Drugs and sport, blood doping.

I suspect it won’t actually be much relevance to my CPD activities, but I shall keep an eye out… you never know…

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