30 September 2016 (Friday) - HCPC Newsletter

The HCPC e-newsletter appeared in my inbox this morning. There was all sorts on news including:

·         Focus on proposed changes to the standards of education and training and supporting guidance
·         Registration renewal and CPD
·         CPD audit report 2013–15 published
·         Recruitment – paramedics and practitioner psychologists wanted for partner roles
·         Employer survey – Have your say
·         Come meet HCPC representatives
·         Policy update
·         Revised guidance for registrants – What happens if a concern is raised about me?

I must admit I rather glossed over the first section; there are seemingly always proposals for change.
The renewal and CPD audit sections interested me. I was intrigued to see that 80% of registrants were doing acceptable CPD; I often worry if what I am doing is good enough. I was also intrigued to learn the HCPC had a You-Tube channel.

I must admit that after learning that, the rest paled into insignificance. I’ve subscribed to the channel.

This is the way forward for CPD !!

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