2 October 2016 (Sunday) - Waste of Time?

I subscribe to several Facebook groups related to pathology and laboratory medicine. This link appeared on one of them today.

It starts:

When you go to the doctor most of the time your doctor might have ordered laboratory tests. Blood might have been drawn, urine might have been collected, sputum might have been collected, body fluids might have been drawn, and throat swabs might have been collected.
§  Have you ever been curious on what is done with those samples?
§  Do you know who run those samples?

This looks all very well, but it then goes on in the most basic of terms. All very well for the general public but why does anyone feel that the sort of person who subscribes to a dedicated pathology and laboratory medicine newsgroup would want to waste their time on something so trivial?

Not all CPD is constructive…

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