9 September 2016 (Friday) - NEQAS Return

The most recent blood film NEQAS (1605BF and 1603PA) results became available today:

·         1605 BF1 was a case of megakaryoblastic transformation of primary myelofibrosis

·         1605 BF2 was haemoglobin E with beta thalassaemia that had recently been transfused showing a dual red cell population

·         1603 PA1 had P.falciparum gametocytes

·         1603 PA2 was negative

I think it’s fair to say I spotted all the salient features even if I didn’t arrive at a comprehensive diagnosis in the first one. Mind you I’m not sure that it is realistic to expect me to; the information given in these exercises isn’t quite as much as it might be.

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