4 September 2016 (Sunday) - Who Reads This Drivel?

Why do I write this little blog? I can’t pretend I do it for fun. On re-reading it the thing is rather dull.
I write it because I feel it is the easiest way for me to perform a legal obligation. I am required to keep a record of my CPD activities, and this seems as good a way as any to do so. However I’m perhaps a little lax in keeping it up to date. I tend to make notes as I go along, but only update this blog once a month or so.
When I first set the thing up I thought I would make it public just in case anyone else was interested. It would seem people are. This morning after I caught up with writing up my notes I saw that some ninety people then logged in and had a look-see at what I’d written. (The Blogger software has a hit counter you know).

Ninety people in one day! Who are all you people? Why not leave a comment and say hello.

And if you find this site interesting, you’ll love my diary… Mind you that gets hundreds of hits every week and I’ve no idea why that is so popular either…


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