29 July 2019 (Friday) - Mistakes

The HCPC writes a blog. All the best people do, you know… Today I read something on their blog which made me think.
Standard Eight of the standards under which we all practice says that registrants need to be open and honest when something has gone wrong with the care, treatment or other services that we provide. This includes letting service users and carers know; apologising; and taking action to put matters right if we can.
The standard also says that registrants need to support service users and carers to raise concerns and be helpful and honest in their responses to complaints.

This is a very noble sentiment and *in theory* is all very well.

Mistakes in healthcare are by their very nature terrible. However one needs to bear in mind that mistakes are that – mistakes. Nobody goes into healthcare with the intention of deliberately harming patients.
And one also needs to bear in mind the harm done by ambulance-chasing lawyers looking to sue at the slightest provocation.

If mistakes become learning experiences then practitioners are going to be more inclined to report them.

If they become thinly-veiled witch-hunts then they are not…

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